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About Us : Marrakech By Guide

About Us

About Us : Marrakech by Guide

Marrakech By Guide is a company operating in Marrakech and around it. We organize walking tours,
day trips, desert tours, Camel trekking in Marrakech, Quad biking in Marrakech and tours around the Atlas Mountains.

My Story

Hello there and Marhaba

If you are looking for a guide in Marrakech, you now in the right place
My name is Mohammed Ouhaga, I am an Official Tour Guide in Marrakech.
I grew up in a family that works in tourism business and got in touch with tourists from different parts of the world since I was a little boy.

Talking to our village visitors and explaining to them about the area in a broken English was first something I enjoyed a lot, it was more like a hobby which opened the doors for something that will become my world.

My guiding experience started back in 2006, when I started to accompany tourists around Morocco during my days off, which opened the doors for me to start setting up my guiding career.

I have traveled the entire country from North to South, and accompanied people from different parts of the world, different cultures and religions. Hence, I have attained a deep experience in the guiding domain and sharing this experience with my Marrakech visitors is my aim. I will do my best so that my guests in Marrakech will get the chance to see the city through my eyes.

My Mission

Being an ambassador of my country on its soil, is something that I am proud of. Hence, my mission is to do my utmost in order to deliver information about my country generally speaking, monuments historical backgrounds, explain and talk about the peoples of Morocco Berbers and Arabs traditions and deep culture.

My group of official guides and myself are willing to do the best in order to make your Marrakech walking tour the highlight of your journey in Morocco.

Also our drivers are professional drivers with a very long experience on the roads, who will drive you through the city of Marrakech and the Sahara Desert roads.

Our Photos

Mohammed OUHAGA


Marrakech by Guide offers different choices for Marrakech visitors, from Walking tours, Day Trips, Desert and Atlas Tours to the activities around the city of Marrakech such as Camel trekking in the palm grove or quad biking.
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