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Marrakech Souks Shopping Tour, Secrets of the Medina

Introduction :

Pick up from your hotel or meeting point then start our Marrakech souks shopping tour. Starting by walking the medina and visiting different shops and antique stores. Marrakech is well known for the Argan Oil, Species and antique stores. Marrakech Souks Shopping Tour is for people to shop without having to worry about being scammed or hustled.

Highlights :

  • Enjoy a comfortable walking tour around the Medina of Marrakech with an official Guide
  • Buying genuine Marrakech handcrafts in guaranteed areas and shops
  • No fear of being hustled while walking inside the markets of the medina
  • Our official guides will save you a lot of precious time in Marrakech
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee in a local café in the middle of the tour
  • No fear of getting lost inside the medina

Get Ready :

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • You can bring both cash or Credit card. However, most of the shops in the medina they only accept cash
  • Bring your camera with you

Program details :

- Marrakech Souks Shopping Tour

Marrakech is well known for its bustling souks, alleys and squares which offers the visitors thousands of choices of Marrakech souvenirs and handcrafts.

Marrakech offers a variety of choices of products that are local produced or brought from the surrounding area and mountains, starting with Argan Oil and Cosmetics and then the wood work brought from Essaouira, to the famous spices located in the Jewish square and the Berber Atlas carpets and antiques.

During this Marrakech souks shopping tour, our main purpose is to take our guests around the markets of Marrakech visiting different types of shops and antique stores.

This tour is for our visitors who are afraid to be scammed to hustled in the medina while shopping. Our guides will walk you through all the best places to shop in a safe and relaxing way.

Included :

  • Official Tour Guide Fees
  • A cup of coffee in the medina

Not included :

  • Transportation / Can be added if requested
  • Tips
  • Meals
Mohammed OUHAGA


Marrakech by Guide offers different choices for Marrakech visitors, from Walking tours, Day Trips, Desert and Atlas Tours to the activities around the city of Marrakech such as Camel trekking in the palm grove or quad biking.
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